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[UPDATE] Real Estate Simplified: Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Mumbai

Looking For A Property Under Rs 25 Lakh In Mumbai? Head To These Localities

Looking for an affordable property option in Mumbai? Time to move to the outskirts of the city to find better returns and more options within your budget.

April 05 2017

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Searching For Affordable Homes? Micro Apartments Are Trending

To push sagging sales, many reputed real estate developers have shrunk apartment sizes. Earlier when large sized apartments were in demand, a developer’s focus was only limited to big floor area but the slow sales pushed them to decrease the apartment sizes to balance the buyer’s needs and their own financial strength.

January 24 2017

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All You Need To Know About Akrama-Sakrama In Karnataka

The Akrama-Sakrama Scheme came into force in March 23, 2015. The owners now have an extended deadline and can still fill up the Akrama Sakrama application form for next four months. Akrama-Sakarama scheme provides for one-time regularisation of up to 50 per cent setback and floor space index (FSI) violations in case of residential constructions. In case of commercial buildings, the setback limit is kept at 25 per cent.

January 17 2017

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Top 5 Under-Construction Projects In Mumbai Priced Under Rs 20 Lakh

PropGuide lists apartments in Mumbai which cost less than Rs 20 lakh. These apartments are ranked based on their liveability score.

November 08 2016

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Update: How Service Tax And VAT Is Calculated On Under-Construction Property

Service tax is payable only on property purchase directly from developers and is not required in case of resale property purchase as there is no service provided. VAT on Property is charged at the rate of one per cent of “agreement value” in Mumbai and Pune and five per cent in Bangalore. There is no VAT on under-construction properties bought in Noida-NCR, Chennai and Kolkata.

August 07 2016

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Choosing The Right Floor In A High-Rise: Top 10 Factors To Consider

With the number of high-rises growing in the country, it has become a difficult proposition for the buyers to choose the floor that suits their routine seamlessly. The choice depends on preferences and lifestyle needs. Here we list the factors that would help you with your choice.

August 04 2016

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Why FY16 May Mark An End Of Home Sales Slump

Data show things may be looking up for developers, as sales figures are witnessing an uptrend.

June 08 2016

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Top Four Indian Cities To Find Luxury

PropGuide lists four real estate markets that are the best for luxury housing at present.

May 10 2016

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PropGuide simplifies complex real estate jargons for you.

Prime lending rate is the interest rate at which banks lend to its most credit worthy...

Proptiger has released it's quarterly review report on India's real estate sector. Ankur Dhawan,...

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