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All You Need To Know About Akrama-Sakrama In Karnataka

Nine Lethal Mistakes Investors Should Avoid

Investors should identify the traps they can easily fall into.

October 18 2016

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Where Should You Invest: Real Estate Or Stock Market?

The debate over whether investors should put their money in real estate or the stock market has been going on for long. How will the Real Estate Investment Trusts or REITs affect the dialogue?

June 24 2015

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Does Your Affair With Real Estate Investments Read Like A Rags to Riches Story? If Not, Make It One

Everyone wants the best returns on their real estate investments, but not everyone gets them. Ever wondered why some investments take you from rags to riches and some do not?

June 19 2015

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Moving from NYC to Delhi? Places You Can Invest In With A Salary of $80,000 Per Annum

Several upcoming projects in Delhi NCR are specifically meant for NRIs. Many of these are located in Noida and Gurgaon and boast of excellent living facilities. If you're planning on moving from New York to Delhi NCR, there has never been a better time than now.

June 15 2015

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How To Make The Most From Real Estate Investment Sales

Are you sitting on a notionally high return from your investments in commercial or residential projects in India? And, writing down the numbers on papers is not giving you enough satisfaction? It is time to exit your investment.

June 03 2015

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Why Investment In Vijayawada Real Estate Is A Good Idea?

The government of Andhra Pradesh announced that post Hyderabad, the new capital will be located close to Vijayawada, which led to a mad rush in investments and a steep increase in the property prices in the city. How can you make the best of the booming realty market in Vijaywada ?

June 02 2015

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What Is Real Estate i-Banking?

Investment banking is all about mergers, acquisitions and arranging financing for deals and other companies. Real estate i-banking entails a little more of the same kind.

May 28 2015

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Real Estate In Noida And Greater Noida: A Case Of Competing Sisters

Greater Noida’s real estate is set to rise exponentially. But can it compete with the property market in Noida?

May 28 2015

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According to, there are 907 projects to pick from. Of these, 707 are ready-to move-in...

Many projects were in a limbo because previously the National Green Tribunal (NGT) had been doing...

Kukatpally can be an affordable alternative to renting a house for those who find Hitec City and...

A panel constituted to review the provisions of the draft National River Ganga (Rejuvenation,...

Amaravati is being developed as the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh. Fosters and Partners...

At 24 per cent of basic salary, a Central government employee, at the highest pay scale in a Class...

They are rich, they are famous and they have the best of everything. It’s no surprise then that...

Burj Khalifa will no longer be the tallest tower in the world as soon as Jeddah Tower starts...

A building code is a set of norms that govern construction of buildings by stipulating minimum...

PropGuide simplifies complex real estate jargons for you.

Prime lending rate is the interest rate at which banks lend to its most credit worthy...

Proptiger has released it's quarterly review report on India's real estate sector. Ankur Dhawan,...

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